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Welcome to JAMCO Entertainment

Creating social dramas that tell pioneering stories to the Bengali Audiences

Are you looking for a production house to broadcast your story into a tv screen? JAMCO Entertainment is here for you! We are an agile house, making drama contents on your script. Let your stories bring it to life with us!

  • Drama Content Creator
  • Video Production
  • Media Production
  • Broadcasting
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Let Your Story Talk to the Audiences

JAMCO entertainment is an independent production house. Here, you can enrich our Bengali culture in your story making. Our well skilled team is always there for you for help in any step. Also, for the best outcome you will get other polishing elements.

  • Nurturing With Bengali Culture
  • Well Designed Storyboard
  • Tremendous Camera Work
  • Skilled Direction

What engages audiences is a creative story. We always emphasise on it. In our production house, we have a strong team with expressiveness. With great coherence, we demonstrate your imaginary works onto the screen. Engaging the audience with artistry is our task.

For organizing the whole work, our team provides the best strategy. According to these, we work step by step. All the equipment and the storyboard is set up based on the strategy. The outdoor and indoor adjustments are made with the workforce.

In our production house, there is an effective team to work with collaboration. We believe in collective work. So, in any stage of our work, each of our members give constructive opinions. That makes the video production process more perfect and engaging.