A Vanguard of Prosperity

Welcom to JAMCO Agro

Agricultural Growth Partner in Different Sectors of Bangladesh

As contribution in agricultural sectors, we have three wings to work align. Here, we nurture farming in a scientific manner. Besides distribution nationwide, we export in neighbouring countries. We have 3 division in JAMCO Agro Ltd.

  • Nobodip Poultry
  • JAMCO Dairy
  • Nobodip Fisheries

Nobodip Poultry

Your Everyday Protein Supplier for the Best Diet

Thinking about buying random chicken from the market? Look again! The difference is here. In Nobodip we manage a healthy and great environment to raise the chickens.

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  • Antibiotic Resistance
  • Vegetable-fed Chickens
  • Healthy & Clean Chicken
  • Protein-enriched Eggs

100% Hygienic Chicken for Meat and Egg

Whether you need laying chicken or meat producing chicken, choose us without any doubt. We are dedicated to ensuring healthy and protein-enriched chicken.

  • Laying
  • Meat-Producing
  • Eggs
  • Scientific Process

For commercial production, we maintain our chicks in the scientific process. With the perfect temperature, lighting and cleanliness in each step we take proper care. Healthy chickens are the source of good protein supply. For bulk chicken, we maintain the theme.

In Nobodip, we have more than 25,00,000 chickens in several sheds. To avoid crowding, frightening and cannibalism we maintain routine check ups. For example- we do debeaking to prevent toe picking or feather picking of each other. With proper care of ours, we have raised egg production from 100 to 300 within this year.

More often, the chickens have diseases. They may catch bird flu, influenza, blackhead, coccidiosis and many more. Besides, parasitic attacks are more usual among the birds. Even in slaughterhouses, the workers remain at high risk for these diseases. That’s why we maintain proper sanitization, preservation with great control.

Jamco Dairy Products

Exclusive and Pure Dairy Items that You Need for Daily Source of Nutrition

Dairy items have been an important source of nutrition for a long time. To provide fresh and authentic dairy items to mass people, we produce authentic dairy products.

  • Liquid Milk
  • Ghee
  • Yogurt
  • Paneer and Mozzarella Cheese
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Fresh and Local Dairy Everyday

Almost 67% of people keep dairy items in their regular diet. Keeping that in mind, we produce and preserve dairy items with care. In each step our skilled members ensure quality products.

  • Milk Quality Testing
  • Healthy Meat Solution
  • Well Sanitization
  • Cooling and Refrigeration

Whether you are a sports person or professional athlete, your diet chart must have milk. Yet, nutrition depends on maintenance of animals and their food. That’s why, we preserve carefully, so that you can get the fresh milk and dairy items. Here, over 700 cows are well-maintained with necessary medical assistance, organic food and care.

For the best milk, you must need healthy animals. Here, we care for our cows.Like humans, sometimes cows need antibiotics if they fall ill. For this, we collect milk separately till the milks test antibiotic free. You can be tension free buying antibiotic free dairy items from our farm.

For keeping a good environment, we work in recycling the dairy waste. We use cow dung for fertilization. Besides, producing methane gas from animal waste is another project that we are working on nowadays. We believe in an eco-friendly life. However, to maintain a balanced environment, Jamco farm is working from the very beginning.

Nobodip Fisheries

Your Loyal Supplier for Daily Fresh Protein with Various Types of Fishes.

Fish accounts for almost 44% of animal protein of the world population. To meet this huge demand, we do farming the fishes in our own ponds.

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  • Fish Breed
  • Egg Hatching
  • Scientific Process
  • Nutritious Food Maintenance

Fish Hatchery Company in Bangladesh

With the use of innovative Biofloc technology, we contribute to the aquaculture industry. As a growing hatchery in fish farming, Nobodip offers fresh fish. Also, here we offer young fishes for the new comers in the industry.

  • Rui
  • Katla
  • Pabda
  • Mrigal

For the perfect aquaculture, in Nobodip we breed fishes for proper marketing. If you are a newbie in this sector you can collect baby millows from us. Besides baby fish, we provide fish food and other accessories that you can use for your fish farm.

There are several ponds and tanks for egg hatching and nurturing the fishes. We use organic food for healthy fishes. With a clean and experienced hand we maintain fish hatching projects.

From hatching to raising fishes, we maintain the scientific process in every step. That's why we have a constant production of healthy fishes. Weather for a wholesale or for farming you won't regret buying fish from us.